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By Julier

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I've lost a few plants this winter but am surprised that a mature eucalyptus tree appears to have died - all the leaves are brown and there's no sign of new growth.

There doesn't appear to be any thing wrong, no fungal growth etc .Does anyone have experience of this happening?



The one time it happened to me in a client's garden 6 years ago, it turned out to be honey fungus, which eventually killed all 6 shrubs nearby. But in your case, it could be a result of the severe winter, it's not impossible.

31 Mar, 2011


Many people have sent in their problems with frozen Eucs this year. Fortunately, even mature Eucalyptus can sprout from a very short stump, given warm weather. I wouldn't give up on it yet.

31 Mar, 2011


I agree. Leave it for now and you may well be surprised!

Many years ago the Eucalyptus coccifera were severely damaged at Inverewe and they re-sprouted away again.

31 Mar, 2011

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