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Pruning photinia


By Davem

United Kingdom Gb

When is the best time to prune photinia (red robin)

On plant Photinia x fraseri



I think the best time is early summer just after the new red shoots have finished and are turning green. Also light pruning on new plants leads to a good bushy palnt or hedge. I have done it that way with a new hedge I planted two or three years ago and its lovely and thick and bushy.

11 Oct, 2008


You must to prune the shrubs just after the flowering everyone think it's during winter but no when you cut a tree in the winter there is not sap for the wounds

11 Oct, 2008


I've read somwhere that for the evergreen plants (as Photinia) it is best to prune them in the growing, and not dormant, seasons.

25 Mar, 2009

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