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By Madon

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Hi, can anyone help? my dicksonia lost it's leaves as early as Jan. this year. The crown was packed with dry leaves for the winter. It now looks as if it has rotted in the middle, and has white stuff, like mould in a jam jar, growing on last year's cut off fronds. Is it dead or can it be saved? I read somewhere that you can cut off the rotten crown and hope for the best. If so how much should I cut off and how? will sugar and water help?



I've heard that rumour about cutting the top off, but I'm not sure its accurate, and can't find any proper information as to whether its an appropriate course of action. Surprised your fronds lasted till January, frankly, I'd have thought they'd shrivel in November last year, with all that cold. I guess if it continues to deteriorate or not grow, might be worth trying cutting the top off to see what happens, nothing to lose if its not growing anyway.

10 Apr, 2011


It seems like your TF hasn't made it this year madon, Im not suprised with the winter we have had. Stick your finger in the crown and see if you can feel any new fronds, there round and hard, if not, you could wait a couple of more weeks, or you could, cut the top off, you have nothing to lose, in any case, cut the old fronds off and give it a good spray with water, trunk as well.. if it has survived, i suggest this year when getting it ready for winter, stuff the top with fleece and tie the leave's up for extra protection and, Good Luck..

10 Apr, 2011


Thankyou Bamboo and DaisyD for replying to my question. have watered it copiously but was too afraid to water it in the middle. Will try doing that now to see if I can wash away the 'rotting' bit. Don't think there is any evidence of fronds yyet though. Thanks again. Madon.

11 Apr, 2011


Oh and if all else fails I will cut the top off and keep you posted about what happens. Thanks again.

11 Apr, 2011

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