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Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

Hi, I bought 3 broom last year and they flowered well. They produced pods which I removed. This year nothing seems to be happening, the branches all look a bit brittle and brown with no new growth. Do you think they have died or should I wait to see what happens?

Does anyone have an suggestions to revive them if possible?

Many thanks



Broom are either semi-evergreen or deciduous. If brittle and no sign of growth, that is not good. The branches f the shrub should bend without snapping and should be flowering now-May. They prefer dry soil and not water logged soil. They are sensitive to salt - so need to keep them away from roads and paths that get salted in winter.

27 Apr, 2011


Sounds as if the winter got to them and they haven't made it through.

27 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the info, I'm a bit gutted they looked lovely, I had them in large containers, maybe that's where I went live and learn though!


27 Apr, 2011


Ah, well you lost them because they were in pots - they probably froze during winter for too long and it killed the roots.

30 Apr, 2011

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