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mid glamorgan, United Kingdom

Ive got about 2 inch gaps either side of my path, what seed could I just scatter in and it will grow...ground cover now I mean....would aubrieta grow like tht?



2 inch gaps? That's not wide enough for Aubretia or most other plants. Can you widen it to at least 6 inches, and what's the gap between - path and lawn? Path and ?

3 May, 2011


Just a few ideas here for you, which have worked well for me in the past, you could opt for lysmackia nummularia, or the common name creeping jenny, and she will creep all over the place if allowed, lovely butter lemon small leaves or go for the green version, another is Cerastium[ snow in summer] grey foliage/white flowers, au bretia will be ok, along with some campanula carpatica, what about some thyme, does really well and the scent on the pathway as you brush past it will be beautifull, buy a plant or two and tease them apart and squeeze them in them small crevices, see if your friends have any of the above, and stick some small clumps in, you can achieve something really nice and you will get small carpet drifts on the sides of your path, there are many others you could also use, keep them watered and it will be a picture, julien.

3 May, 2011


If its between path and wall or fence, campanula muralis would be a good choice - it'll squeeze itself into small gaps and spread lengthways without spreading too far sideways, purple bell flowers about now, evergreen.

3 May, 2011


Thanks for that, youve both given me loads of ideas now. My husband is laying a new path with bricks, the two inch gaps are because the path is already edged and when he lays the new bricks down they wont fit perfectly (I hope im making sense) lol!

3 May, 2011


Just make sure you, have some decent soil where the gaps are, and it is not just the concrete shoulder where the edgings are with insignificant soil, julien.

3 May, 2011


I have the same situation,where a stone circle meets the path..I planted Ajuga in mine,a few years ago,and it does well,and I just trim it back if it spreads out too much..good luck.

4 May, 2011

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