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Rheum Palmatum (Ornamental Rhubarb)

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Hello My Green Fingered Friends! Has anyone out there successfully grown the above plant. I set one on the bank of my pond close to where the Gunnera Manicata's have thrived. The soil is moist clay, I thought it would have been OK in the same conditions as the Gunnera. Its been in for years, barely growing, but surviving. I've lifted and put in a pot for now. Any ideas?



Hi there I have grown one before and it thrived. I even dug it up and moved it to a different part of the country (south to north) and it thrived again.

I have now owned a different one for two years and it sounds like it is identical to yours. It has only thrown up two leaves and these have not got any bigger than my hand. Previous plant had leaves as big as a gunnera.

Only difference with the one I have at the moment is it is in slightly damp conditions. I might move it to somewhere dryer.

Good luck with yours.

24 Oct, 2008


Hello, thanks for the reply. Well, isnt that strange that your's is the same as mine, yep, up come a couple of small leaves on stems and then they just slowly die back. May I ask about your original one, was it set for example in full sun, in a border or pool side and what was the soil like? - I'm quite confused because they are classed as a plant for moist conditions arent they, but it looks like they dont like their feet to be too wet. If you could advise that would be great and then I can get mine re-planted too. Regards, Dawn

25 Oct, 2008


Hi Dawn - looks like you're right, moist (all year), sunny or p/shade but pretty well drained. I didn't know anything about the plant but the question interested me so I did some research - hope you don't mind a non-Rheum interloper butting in!

26 Oct, 2008


Peteq is right, I thought it would be happy where it was but it isnt. My previous one grew huge, it was positioned in partial shade under a Rhus. I will have to dig some pics out and upload.

I have found another spot for the one I have now and I am just waiting for a dry day to get out side and move it.

Good luck with yours.

26 Oct, 2008


Hi Treesandthings and Peteg, just wish to thank you both for the help, you've been great and I now know what I need to do. Dawn

27 Oct, 2008

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