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By Wyeboy

Herefordshire, United Kingdom Gb

When I log on to my homepage now(I have asked this before) I get photos of members (some tattooed!!) and plant . Before, when I put my website up I got my own photos etc. PLease tell me what is happening



Wyeboy, I answered your last question immediately you posted it -

The page you are referring to is a news page which only you can see and can customise. This is not new and has been on the site for quite some time now. As the website grows not all content will be of interest to everyone and the news page is a step towards allowing members to filter the bits they like. You can do this by adding members to your favourites.

Questions about the website are best sent to us via the Contact us button at the bottom of every page that way Peter and I can be sure of seeing them.

23 Oct, 2008


Showing our age, Wyeboy. I felt annoyed on finding the new design. It wasn't broke - why fix it? But progress is all these days. It always seems as if change (eg supermarket layout) is made for change's sake, and for the proprietor's benefit rather than the customer's.
I consider it a matter of luck when I get it right on the computer, so changing anything just randomises it all over again. Hope you're coming to terms with it. By the way, I have no tatoos. Alison.

23 Oct, 2008

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