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I have a small rose which is about 4 years old now. It still flowers beautifully, but it is very leggy, can I pinch out the tops, or is that wrong thing to do with roses? If it is too late to do anything this year, what can I do next spring to make it less leggy and more bushy (hope this makes sense)




Prune it !
By pruning it it will encourage new stems to form from the base and make the plant bushier all round.
You can be fairly brutal with it and it'll be fine.

I too have some miniature roses, carpeting roses and bush/shrub roses and i prune them all hard.

I have 2 climbers and those don't need it (ramblers do).

13 May, 2011


Can I prune it now? Idid cut it back in the spring

13 May, 2011


How far did you cut it back ?
I would cut back by about half, you CAN do it now, you might forfeit a few flowers but the health and look of the plant will be better for it.

13 May, 2011


I cut it back to about 3 inches from base, will give it a go and see what happens this year. thanks for the advise

13 May, 2011


It actually looks pretty good for a rose in a pot right now. I would do minimal cutting back right now, maybe just an extra node or two when you cut the old flowers off. Next spring, when you do the main pruning, don't chop it so short--you are taking away much of the bush's main food reserves, which will result in weak, thin stems. In a pot, I would normally leave strong canes about 10 inches long, always cut to an outward-facing bud.
Roses in a container will need regular feeding, too--I prefer something with a formula like Miracle-Gro for Roses.
"Legginess" can also be caused by insufficient sunlight. Roses need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight each day to do well.

14 May, 2011


Thanks for this, it may well then be to do with the sun, as it only gets about an hour as my garden is north facing. I'll prune as you suggest persevere as it is very pretty

14 May, 2011

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