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Ely, United Kingdom Gb

I bought some pansy and viola plugs, they are nice plants but had drawn up to the light a bit, should I pinch them out or will they be OK once they put their roots down



Hi there, if they have gone a bit leggy it is a good idea to give them a bit of a hair cut, best way to do this is the cut off the leggy bits just above a knode, the futher down the better this will allow the plants energy to go into establishing the root system, it will also encourage new growth and make a more attractive plant, that will produce more flowers. even if this means that you cut off flowers that you have on the plant now, it will be far better in the long run. also it is a good idea to give them some slug protection.

26 Oct, 2008


Oh thanks for that I will go and do that (when it stops raining!)

26 Oct, 2008

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