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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I left one of my favourite daffodils go to seed, and today I collected the seeds. I have never had any experience from growing the seeds, as I have only ever bought the bulbs before.
Should I plant them now, jusst as they woul be if they self seeded or plant in Autumn / Fall?

Thanks in advance




It will take possibly 2/3 years before you get a bulb, pot them up in pots with a gritty/sandy compost, julien.

19 May, 2011


thank you

19 May, 2011


More like 7 years to reach flowering size and since most Narcissus are hybrids then what you will get is not what you sowed.

19 May, 2011


Yes sow now in a lean gritty compost. Stick the pot outside with a label in and, effectively, forget about for a couple of years. Just look at once or twice a year.

Tip when B & I sow seeds we write on the plant label and the date of sowing and bung it in pointy bit up. Once the seeds start to grow we turn the label up the other way so we know the seed has germinated.

19 May, 2011


Thanks for the advice.

21 May, 2011

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