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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small Dwarf Peach tree. It has had peach leaf curl since i bought it last year. It fruited last year, producing tasteful healthy fruit.
But now, this year the swelling fruits look like they are turning moldy. The buds on the main stem appear to be black and dead and from several bud sites sap is oozing out.

Please see photo's and can advise what they thing is wrong and if the plant is in your view worth keeping or is it unhealthy to the point i shoud consider getting rid of it?

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In the second picture, it looks as if some of the ooze is amber coloured rather than clear sap - in which case, its bacterial canker, I think. Should be a resin like, amber coloured oozing if it is.

31 May, 2011


We've got on our flowering cherry, I just cut off the affected branches.

31 May, 2011


Hi Bamboo, yes its as you say, amber in colour, so bacterial canker it is.

Moon grower the affected area is on the main stem of the plant and at the base of the stem. Therefore i would be cutting the whole plant down to remove the affected area, so i don't know that if that would be a viable option for this particular plant.

A copper based fungicide seems to be the only option, but on the RHS site it says 'for incidental protection'. So i understand i will not be able to get 'rid' of it.

Considering what i have explained, would your personal choice be, keep the plant or replace with a healthier subject?

I have not yet (knowingly) experienced problems with bacterial canker in my short gardening life so not to sure about it!

31 May, 2011


If its at the base of the tree, I'd bin it.

31 May, 2011


I agree

31 May, 2011


Sadly, yes.

1 Jun, 2011


I presume that the garden center knew the plant had these problems, as it was on a half price table with a few more of the same plant....would you consider it a poor show for a garden center to knowingly sell off plants that are seriously diseased?

2 Jun, 2011


I might not agree with it, but I'd consider it standard practice - its buyer beware when things are reduced, specially living things.

2 Jun, 2011


I have a 3 year peach tree, no trunk oozing, only all the fruit has clear pectin oozing form small areas. I cant figure out if its a disease or some insect. Last yearI thought it was birds so I coverd it in a net but every fruit is oozing clear jelly. ANY SUGGESTIONS on what it is and how to prevent? Im upset at the lost crop!
thanks to all for input

17 Jun, 2011


When you say 'oozing from small areas', are the areas damaged or split?

17 Jun, 2011


The fruit has tiny dot on it from which the pectin oozes. as if a pin was stuck into it. the pecktin builds up on the fruit, the fruit does not grow anymore and now 100% have all fallen off. I have no idea what to do.
1st year I got 5 wonderful peaches, 2nd year only 2 and had the same problem, this year about 50 that have all fallen off.
please someone help I cant find anything on line that describes my problem. email me directly at

8 Jul, 2011


Hi Brooklyn,sorry to here of your problems! I have had to dispose of my peach tree unfortunately.

I think keeping replies here on this website is in the spirit of the site, as opposed to you receiving advise and replies in private emails - which would not benefit anyone else experiencing a similar problem.

It sounds like it is from insect larvae. When you covered with netting to prevent birds, what size was the mesh of the netting? 7mm netting is the size you want to prevent moth/butterfly.

8 Jul, 2011


Brooklyn, when the fruit starts oozing sap here in the desert, it means that they have been bitten by the leaf-footed plant bug (Leptoglossus species). I don't know if those bugs live in your area, but a similar piercing plant bug may be responsible. When young, they can be treated with carbaryl, but older specimens only seem to respond to the "two-brick method"--splat!

8 Jul, 2011


Well, I have zero peaches now. Tree looks great, but no peaches. I have come to the conclusion that its a bug. Since I am organic, I will cover every peach bud next seasing with footsies ( a nylon stocking ).

If anyone has any other suggestions for me please post here.

19 Jul, 2011


Well, that's what we use on pomegranates, here. You might have to tie them loosely on the fruiting twig, since peaches don't fruit at the end of the twig, like pomegranates do. Neem oil may also have a good effect, in repelling the adults before they lay eggs.

22 Jul, 2011

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