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Hi there! Does anyone know what this plant is? I asked at my local garden centre and they had no idea! It appeared last year, died down over winter, and has reappeared this year. It’s huge, over 4ft tall, has green flowers and has just sprouted pod like things under the flower heads. I’d be very grateful for identification, I’m really curious to know what it is. Thanks.




It's a wild kind of Euphorbia - either a wild flower or a weed, depending on your point of view - yours is the third that's been asked about in recent weeks. At least I think it was euphorbia...

31 May, 2011


Must be a good year for Euphoria whatever-it-is! :-)

31 May, 2011


Must be Beattie!

31 May, 2011


I've been googling and think that it's Euphorbia lathyris.

31 May, 2011


That's it, Beattie. We grow it as a gopher-repelling companion plant in veggie gardens, but it can turn into a weed!

1 Jun, 2011


It's also a good mole deterrent, but I don't want 5 acres of the blooming stuff.

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks all! So, I have a highly toxic weed!!! It's unusual and I like it though, so will be keeping it and making sure I don't do anything to provoke a sap attack! So pleased to know what it is, it's definitely a euphorbia lathyris Beattie. Thanks again for letting me know, very much appreciated.

1 Jun, 2011


also known as the caper spurge or molewort. doesnt keep oles at bay either according to one of my work mates.

2 Jun, 2011

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