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I bought a peonie last year it got three flowers this year it has more than doubled its size with lots and lots of new stems but only one flower can anyone tell me why please? Thanks Jen.

thanks to the two of your who replied I planted it at the time at the same soil hight and last year after planting it did get the three flowers on which where lovely. It's this year that is the disapointment as it has only got the one flower bud on. It is planted in a flower bed not in its pot.thank you again please can anyone help



Assuming you planted your peony in the ground it needs time to establish itself Jen. Peony's hate any disruption and can sulk for years!

31 May, 2011


Did you plant your peony into a border? or is it still in the pot.
If you planted it out, you should have kept the top of the compost level with the soil. If lower then you may well find that next year and thereafter, you will only get leaves.
Peonies, don't like to get sun first thing in the morning, sun on frost and all that.
Check if the soil is where it was in the pot, if it is too deep, raise it up. Peonys are as tough as old boots, and can be moved, as long as the soil isn't too deep in the new planting hole.
I have never had a peony 'sulk' on me when I've moved them, but then I always keep them at the original depth. And to be honest, I have repositioned most of my 15 peony's at one time or another, without a problem.

1 Jun, 2011

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