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Hi all,
how to deter pigeons? We have a new-ish lilac bush that has been massacred by a pair of pigeons nesting nearby. All the new growth has been broken down, leaves devoured and bark stripped.Have tied pieces of tinfoil [to what's left of the bush!]Anyone have a similar problem?



Me too...I'm interested... don't have a Lilac bush but they are interested in something, and very persistent with it. I have all sorts in the border but can't work out what they are after...

31 May, 2011


Lawsy! It sounds more like deer than pidgeons! You could try spraying on unsweetened, grape-flavored kid's drink, mixed about 4 times normal strength. In my experience, birds don't like that artificial grape flavor. If it is deer, Cayenne pepper may be more effective.

1 Jun, 2011


I googled Lawsy Tugbrethil...but got nothing...can you your own time.

I'll try unwseetened grape flavour drink.

Thankfully I am not under the threat of deer....;-)

Kind Rgds

1 Jun, 2011


Giroffle, it's American country (actually sort of "hick") dialect, an abbreviated form of "Lord have mercy!", usually used in semi-catastophic situations! : )

1 Jun, 2011


Ah !!! "Like Oh Lordy Gordy" Ha Ha !! Gotcha !

1 Jun, 2011


I had the same problem with a buddliea and was told to hang a few of the old fashioned mothballs on the bush. I was a bit sceptical but thought it worth a try and it worked. I was a bit worried that the whole place would smell of moth balls so I put them as far away from the path as I could and it was fine. I have put them near my seed feeders with success as well.

1 Jun, 2011


thanks everyone,
will try the hanging mothballs, hope it works! I know it was pigeons and not deer because deer would have needed to scale a 6 foot fence and I caught the pigeons actually red handed gobbling the leaves.They also like aubretia [and probably lots of other young growth.] So very many pigeons around everywhere now, I gave up filling the bird feeders last year, because they simply waited on the ground beneath for the smaller birds to drop seeds.They also foul a small patio area where we would otherwise like to sit and read, grrrr.....

2 Jun, 2011

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