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Growing Narcissus for a particular date / wedding

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I would like to grow some Narcissus bulbs for my daughters wedding at the end of next May. Are there any tips on how and when to plant to ensure that they don't flower before I need them? I have bought 60 bulbs and would love them to flower at the end of May 2009.

On plant Narcissus Triandrus Thalia



They normally flower earlier than that, so I think that if you delay planting them for a while, that may delay their flowering - I hope!

17 Nov, 2008


You've given yourself a headache as these usually flower in mid spring. The latest flowering one I am aware of is narcissus poeticus which flowers at the beginning of May. One trick you might try to delay flowering is to store the bulbs in the bottom of your refrigerator and plant them in spring. As I am not sure how long they would take to come into flower (if at all) using this method, I suggest planting some in early April, some mid month and some at the end and hope that some are in bloom at the right time. Good luck (you're going to need it!)

17 Nov, 2008


Hi there, Speaking as a florist, it is far easier to get narcissus in flower early rather than delaying them late, we get them in the shop from november until around april time, and the later ones tend not to be half as nice, they brown off very quickly, proberly because they have been held back as Andrew has saggested. Also you have'nt said what you are using them for within your daughters wedding, if it is for her BQT sorry but i would strongly advise against it, particually this time of year. narcissus are very unlikely to last the day, even in March, it could be a real disaster at the end of May maybe you should look at alternatives, tulips would be a far better choice for a late may wedding, or if it is scent that you are after you are very lucky to have lily of the vally in season this time of year, it is only around during May, if i were you i would take advantage of it. if you really do want the Narcissus my advice would be maybe look at artifical ones, there are some really good copies around now days, you would'nt know the difference unless you smell or touch them. good luck.

18 Nov, 2008


The latest I have had is Johnquil, I've had Actaea late, but if you delay flowering you will get very short stems.
It will be more trouble than it's worth at a time when you have so much else to do.

18 Nov, 2008

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