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When to plant sarracenia flava seeds?

nottingham, United Kingdom Gb

i have just bough some flava seed (sarracenia flava - dracula plant ), it dont say when to plant them can some one help please

On plant sarracenia flava



Hi Patricias. Welcome to GoY.

The best time to plant is in mid winter, starting now. Planting of the seeds is best done in pots. The planting mixture for virtually all North American pitcher plant seeds is an even mixture (by volume) of sharp sand and peat moss. Extra sphagnum moss can be mixed in, or even laid on top, to aid water retention. Add water as you mix and thoroughly hydrate the peat to the point that you can squeeze the soil and see water, but not to the point that you can make the soil a soup. I assume that because you have taken this job on you know never to use tap water or stale rain water. Fresh rain water, as long as you are in the right area, or de-ionised (reverse osmosis) or distilled water is ideal.

I answered a question on sarras just a couple of weeks ago and if you look back you may find it useful. Somebody had been sold a crown and was told by the salesman to just 'stick it in the garden'. Obviously a salesman not a gardener. What does the bank advert say? 'No it doesn't work like that.'

There are a couple of pictures on my home page including one of some babies. If you are going in for growing carnivores you may like to see them.

When you bought the seeds did they tell you that germination can take up to 3 years? (The usual method of propagation is taking offsets but seeds are fun if you have patience and the right conditions). Good luck and keep us informed. If you have never tried sarras before I fully expect more questions. LOL.


19 Nov, 2008


thank you john for answering my question,on the packet it say's seedlings should appear in 6-8 weeks iv allso got to put them in the fridge for 4 weeks then bring them out put them in a saucer of water in a warm place with plenty of light. i will do what it says and let you know what happens, i have never grown seeds like this, patricia

19 Nov, 2008


Don't bother letting me know Patricias. I already know from 20 years experience of growing the things. Have fun.

19 Nov, 2008

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