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Do I need to prune Passiflora incarnata and when?

Chesterfield,Virginia, United States Us

I planted 4 of these along the fence line last year and nothing! I thought they didn't make it. But wow! This year they just exploded, blooming from May until October.
I want to make sure I do all the right things to enjoy them year after year. Any feedback would be appreciated!

On plant Passiflora incarnata




I assume that the UK and the US are the same on this. (Except you have about 10 USDA zones and we have 4). Assuming you don't live in AL or FL then just feed them all year and WOW! Enjoy.

24 Nov, 2008


This is an excellent photo, really special. Thank you for reminding me to check mine There were many flowers and still are and last week I saw some fruit nicely sized but wrong colour. And yes, you no need to prune vines!!! When I came here abt. 15 months ago they were in a huge mess, looking dead or burnt or whatever, but not healthy at all. As it was wintertime I went bananas in them with the secateurs. I pruned them almost as heavy as I did my grape vines. Cut off all the dead branches, half the length along the fence or more even, and away from the ground, as they were trailing on the ground as well. Just a good tidy up and just 4 months later early summer they had fruit. Hubby loves them and he must have picked about 50 of them. In autumn I pruned them again and now they look lush once more. I don't think it matters what zone or region you live, you got to prune them. As a rule of thumb: one needs to prune all vines, fruitvines, fruit trees, etc. Most fruit trees or vines go in a rest periode, either shed all their leaves or most of them, and look pretty worn out. No wonder, after bearing fruit! A woman looks pretty worn out too after giving birth, lol. A good prune stimulates growth. Our passion fruit is the yellow variety, very juicy, outside pale yellow green.
Hope this helps you.

25 Nov, 2008


The Passiflora edulis is the truly edible Passiflora Luvtodig. The P. incarnata is not poisonous but the fruit is not really very nice that is why they are grown for their lovely flowers. It is unique in that it is the only type of Passiflora, and there are about 200 of them, that is not evergreen, it sheds all its leaves every year so wants trimming before coming back into growth.


25 Nov, 2008

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