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How To Grow Mistletoe

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Hi, I fancy a go at growing some mistletoe. I know basically what to do but wondered if anyone has successfully done this. Was wondering where to obtain the berries, which host tree to use etc. If anyone can offer advice that would be great.



Good evening Dawn. No I am not an expert on mistletoe, never grown it in my life and probably never will. I'll stick to insectivores. LOL.

But I did find this site which may help.

I'm sure I saw someone discussing this recently and I think it was on someone's photograph on GOY. If you shout loud enough they may see it.


25 Nov, 2008


Well, Good Evening John! Thanks for the link to the website, I'll take a look, just think it would be an interesting project and good for the Mistle Thrush too! I'll try and find the member, dont suppose there is any easy way its there?

25 Nov, 2008


John, just scrolled down and there it is, lol

25 Nov, 2008


Yes found it now. Amy on Nov 21st. LOL.

25 Nov, 2008


Amy was very helpful and put me on to I had a couple of questions which they kindly answered and my order will be posted tomorrow - you get a booklet and fertile berries for about a fiver. Cant be bad!

1 Dec, 2008

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