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Any advice on planting out my small christmas tree?


By Gwendas

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I bought it already potted and would like it in centre of my front lawn to light up outside next year. Someone I work with says its roots grow straight down so she suggested I pierce holes in its pot and then plant it in hole still in pot but is that ok?



I am hoping to keep mine alive too, Gwenda. I believe the chances of doing so are better if the tree was pot grown rather than dug out of the ground and potted up for Christmas.
Mine is back outside, I have a porch which is open to the elements but faces south so I have my tree standing there. It will be sheltered from the worst of the wintry weather but can enjoy plenty of winter sun. I shall water it carefully and when the ground is no longer frozen I plan to sink it in its pot (I think the pot is big enough) in a sheltered spot among shrubs close to my sunny patio where it should enjoy an adequate supply of water and light.
Hope someone with more experience of doing this will come along with their advice. I have tried this before and kept a tree going for a few years, until influenza prevented me giving adequate post-Christmas care (my husband overlooked watering the tree).

7 Jan, 2009


Thanks for that Xela - we both seem to be doing the same! My patio is south facing and fairly sheltered and my tree is in it's pot there. Am keeping it watered like you so hope it will be ok until warmer Spring weather? This is why I love GOY - great to compare notes!

9 Jan, 2009


Everything was covered in frost this morning except my Christmas tree which was happily sheltered from it by the porch wall and roof. What type of tree is yours, Gwenda? Mine is a Nordmann fir [Abies nordmanniana].

9 Jan, 2009

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