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i vy leaf hanging geraniums.


By Charlie

suffolk, United Kingdom

i put my hanging baskets in my greenhouse over winter and my geranium still look good how do i take cuttings to multiply them



hi Charlie, geranium cutting are really easy, so fear not...the best time is mid to late spring or late summer, and all you need to do is find a nice healthy shoot approx 3-4" long, and you cut off just below the knode (bobbly bit that leaves or stems grow from) a straight cut is best. you then pinch out the top, and remove all the lower leaves so that your cutting has 2 good leaves on at the top of the stem. you can dip them in fungicide, although i never bother with this myself, and rooting hormone is not needed. there are 2 really easy ways of getting them to root, the one i find most effective is to simply push them into fresh potting compost, so that 1/2 of the stem is under the soil, and half above. i usually put 3 or 4 round the sides of a pot, and then water and put in a sunny place, be careful about over watering always water from the bottom, you will know in about 4 weeks if they have taken, as they will put on new growth and side shoots will appear. the other way is to get an old milk bottle (you know the glass type that the milk man delivers) fill it with water, to just below the neck of the bottle and stand your cuttings in it so that the bottom knode that you have cut below is just under the surface of the water, and then stand them on a sunny window sil. as the water level goes down top them up, but do not change the water, within a few weeks you will see roots appearing from the knode, you can then pot them up - but be very careful not to damage the newly deveoped roots. i have had sucess both ways, but i do prefer the first one, but try both, take more cuttings than you are likely to need and i am sure you will do fine - there you go, easy peasy! hope this helps

11 Jan, 2009

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