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why are my cleome going yellow at the plants base at the moment only seems to be the bottom most flowers is it a nutrient deficiency ?i have been feeding now and again with concentrated seaweed feed




This is pretty normal in my experience YoungA.
Is the plant branching out and flowering well?

4 Aug, 2011


yes i pinched them out at 6 inches like your supposed to........ but didnt know this for some years after years of spindly plants! and have bushy nicely flowering plants the yellow is now creeeping into the 2nd layer so maybe they just do this and it is an annual so i guess its slowly dying already ?

4 Aug, 2011


In my experience also they tend to get yellowish and raddled at the base after midsummer. A lot of the older garden books recommend planting them behind shorter annuals to hide the problem.

7 Aug, 2011

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