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I have two plum trees in my garden, both less than three years old. Last year I had some fruit spoiled with a pink grub. This year, in spite of having a Munro trap, this year all of the fruit is spoilt. I have a bumper crop which I will not be able to use. What can I do for next year?



Sounds like Plum Moth is the problem - but I don't know what you mean by a 'munro trap'. You can buy pheremone traps which may be sufficient to prevent most of the damage on a single tree, but at the very least will alert you when it is time to spray, which is done in early summer - sprays should contain any of the following as active ingredients - permethrin, bifenthrin, pirimiphos-methyl or fenitrothion. I know that some of these have been withdrawn from the market, but others are still available. A second application should be made 3 weeks later to control the young caterpillars as they hatch.

12 Aug, 2011

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