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Does anyone know where I can buy White Plumeria Frangipani seeds?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Im not really into growing tropical plants but the flowers of Plumaria (especially Singapore White) have a very special childhood memory. When I lived in Singapore I remember these beauties growing all over the Estate I lived on and was forever picking them for my mum and couldnt stop smelling them, almost like a Freesia smell but stronger. I remember the Milky sap (apparently poisenous) that leaked when I picked them. I would love to have a go at growing one but have no idea which soil type and feed to use. I have a south facing conservatory. Just need to know where I can get hold of good seed for a white plant.

On plant Plumaria Frangipani




Hi you can find them at

16 Feb, 2009


Hi Norfolk....Thompsom and Morgan sell Frangipani seeds but they dont specify the colour and they take 3 to 4 years to flower from seed anyway. If you look at they have 6 month seedlings of specific types, but again you will have to wait for flowers. I have grown one from seed that is now 3 years and am praying for a flower this year.................

16 Feb, 2009


thanks a million, I will take a look at those 3 options. Sounds like a good challenge :-) Let me know if yours flowers Milky.

16 Feb, 2009


Have no fear I definately will all get fed up with looking at it he he he he .............

17 Feb, 2009


Yippee, I have 10 Plumeria Obtusa seeds coming (the exact ones I remember in Singapore). In the meantime I will do my homework on how to sow and grow. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop, cant wait :-)

17 Feb, 2009


Try looking at..... The site will show you exactly what to do Good luck............

18 Feb, 2009


I saw some plants on ebay yesteday wow they are goregous,

22 Jul, 2010

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