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Should I repot Clivia?


By Blue42

Missouri, United States Us

I have a Clivia that is a very old plant. It has bloomed only once in the last 5 years. The soil is quiet hard/compact and I have been reluctant to repot the Clivia for fear of losing it. It was my mother's plant that she had for many years.
The color of the Clivia is bright orange.

On plant Clivia miniata



I have a Clivia that I have had for many years. You will need to repot it and possibly split it up into 2 or more bits. It is a bulb so as long as you still have some complete bulbs after splitting it you will not lose it. Knock it out of the pot and carefully shake off the old compost. Then decide if it is large enough (or too congested) and you want to try splitting it. Prise it in half, you may need 2 hand forks back to back to lever it apart. This may be quite difficult but persevere. Then repot each piece in fresh compost in a large enough pot with the top of the bulbs protruding from the soil. Water well and enjoy your new plants!

19 Feb, 2009


I have had a clivia at work for 10 yrs now, all i do with mine is pot it onto the next size pot every 2 years, they seem to prefer to be 'potbound'. or you could scrape off the top inch of compost and re fill with fresh compost. certainly you could spilt it as volunteer suggests.

19 Feb, 2009


Thanks for both replies. Last year I did remove some of the soil and add new, but that did not seem to make a difference. I will repot the Clivia. Even though it is a very old plant it is not large enough to split so that tells me that it is only maintaining, not thriving and growing larger. What is the best potting soil to use when I repot the Clivia.....regular potting soil or does it prefer a soil with some sand included???? Also, can I use plant food anytime of year on the Clivia?

19 Feb, 2009


I use a john innes type and feed with baby bio from may through to november. I dont know if it likes sharp drainage but that is what it gets. in the summer i put it outside in the rain to give it a shower. it seems to like that. I have been known to bring it home in the winter and give it a warm shower to dust its leaves.

19 Feb, 2009


I agree with Seaburngirl,they seem to flower better when a little potbound. I feed weekly in spring/summer with Baby bio also.

19 Feb, 2009


My experience with my Clivia is that in early winter I move the pot to the basement which is about 65 and do not water all winter. In March, I bring it back to a sunny window and begin watering. Within 2 weeks it is sending up what will become a beautiful stalk of flowers. I think the winter rest is important.

6 May, 2009

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