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By Petras

London, United Kingdom Gb

Indigofera himalayensis - I absolutely loved it and got one for myself. Now, I'm not an experienced gardener, and the fact that it's loosing all its leaves now got me worried. Am I doing something wrong or is that supposed to happen?



If it,s a deciduous shrub, or a herbaceous perennial, then yes they will lose they,re leaves, some species are not reliably hardy and need some winter protection depending on where you are in the uk.

14 Sep, 2011


It is deciduous, and so many trees and shrubs are losing their leaf early this year.

14 Sep, 2011


This is a decidous shrub, Petras, so it is to be expected that it will start to lose all its leaves now. Unless you are in an area of the UK with really severe winter weather it should be hardy.

14 Sep, 2011


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Glad to hear it's supposed to happen!

14 Sep, 2011

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