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I am thinking of transferring my lavender from its pot into the garden,is now the right time to do this?




4 Oct, 2011


Make sure it's in a sunny position with well-drained soil.

5 Oct, 2011


it mite be worth cutting it back a bit so more goodness goes to the roots . it will soon grow back next summer or the year after depending how longg it takes to throw down its roots .

7 Oct, 2011


Erm, no, Noseypotter - not by more than an inch, Lavender does not grow off old wood.

7 Oct, 2011


Thanks for taking the time to reply Please dont confuse me Nosey and Bamboo To prune or not to prune that is the question ? (Shakespeare ! }

7 Oct, 2011


Don't prune is the definitive answer. Just dead-head at this time of year, then in the spring, trim the lavender a little, but NOT into the old wood, as Bamboo said - unless you want to kill it of course? :-/

Nobody has thought to ask you - is it an English or a French Lavender? If it's L. stoechas, the French one, then it might need winter protection. They're not nearly as hardy as the English sort.

7 Oct, 2011


Not sure The flower heads are on long stems

7 Oct, 2011


Are the flowers fat with pretty 'ears' sticking out at the top? That's basically what French Lavender looks like.

English Lavender flowers are slender all the way up. They have the typical scent you'd think of as 'Lavender' too.

7 Oct, 2011


oops my mistake but it is a common thing to do i know that much bamboo x .

7 Oct, 2011


I have googled it and its definitely English

7 Oct, 2011


That's good - it's definitely hardier than L. stoechas. :-)

7 Oct, 2011

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