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Winter watering.......

With nearly everything growing in containers, what is the score on watering in winter?

Do I still water during dry spells or just leave well alone?



You can check them in dry spells, but you'll probably find they don't need any water, particularly once we're into November. The times to be watchful and when you're most likely to be caught out with un-noticed dryness is this month, October, and from February onwards. If February is nice, that is, otherwise, March onwards. The sun becomes stronger from then on.

17 Oct, 2011


Does the same rule apply to pots in a frost free greenhouse? Just wondering as I have a fig and kiwi fruit in big pots which I'm over wintering before I set against a south facing wall next year - couple of fuschias in pots too. Thank you.

17 Oct, 2011


You probably should check those more often, Dawnsaunt - pots outside in the cold are much less prone to water evaporation, and are exposed to the elements as well, plus the plants will be in full dormancy, so transpiring very little and using very little water from the soil.

17 Oct, 2011


I understand Bamboo and thank you for your explanation on plants in pots outdoors during Winter, very interesting.

17 Oct, 2011

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