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By Jennyh

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Gailardia Fanfare is not looking to good, it has withered as if it is short of water. I have brought in to my conservatory and not watered it as the soil is quite moist, do I cut it back and leave over winter? I have never had one before so I don't know if it's meant to happen.



I understand that Gaillardias are herbacous, so yours is trying to go 'dormant' for the winter. Can you plant it out in the soil? Perennial plants are often better placed there, and more likely to survive the winter.

6 Nov, 2011


I find they can be temperamental some winters they come through and others they dont. But it would be better either in the ground or in an unheated greenhouse/coldframe.

6 Nov, 2011


thanks for the advice, I could plant it out but I was waiting because next few months I am re-giging the boarders. A few weeks ago, I put bubble wrap and fleece around the pot that it's in, to try and keep it from getting to cold, my conservatory is not that warm I might just keep it in the coolest part and see what happens.

6 Nov, 2011

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