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My wife received a beautiful bouquet of roses from a friend to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary
They still have a bit of life in them, any advice on how to take cuttings of them.
Thanks for your advice




Congratulations Tommy and Mrs Tommy on 40 years!! I've got no advice for you, just wanted to offer my congratulations:o)))

13 Nov, 2011


Sorry I don't think you can from flowering stems, especially as these will have bee cut from the bush a while back. Congrats. on your 40th!

13 Nov, 2011


Not a lot to work with......But cut to leaf axil at the bottom and bud at the top...Remember which way is up! Find a shady cool corner of your garden, stick a spade in pull it out bung a cutting in heel it in and hope.

We can only try.

Happy 40th

13 Nov, 2011


Many thanks to all of you for the Happy 40th comments
Sheila-Moon_growe and Pimpernel.

Will also try heeling in



13 Nov, 2011


Wow many congratulions Tom and to Mrs TOM

I have never done it form cut roses but my SIL dad an ex farmer could grow roses from cuttings and had an excellent show.

Good luck .

Also take a bloom and flower press as a keep sake.

Good luck.

14 Nov, 2011


I have taken cuttings from Roses that have rooted. When the flowering has faded, cut off all the heads and remove any fading leaves. It takes a few weeks, at least 4-8, but they do root in water. I would say that I had a 40% success rate in doing that and then lose another percentage when placed in garden. Your problem is that they cannot be put outside until after frosts have finished as they will not be strong enough for months. Ideal time to root cuttings of roses via this method is May/June.

14 Nov, 2011


Thank you Scotkat and Kildermorie, I have taken 12 cuttings today potting 4 close to the inside rim of a pot with filled with mixture of sharp sand and multi purpose. Signs of a frost I will bring inside.

I use to do this with all sorts of cuttings with the addition of a clear plastic bag supported by a twig and tied to the top of the pot acting like a mini greenhouse. One year the twig that happened to be of hydrangea rooted and the cuttings failed. First time I have tried from a bouquet.

I will put one of each cutting and try the Kildermorie method too.

I had a flower press delivered for my granddaughter so will go to the compost bin and try to rescue a bloom to press as you suggested Scotkat. Thank you all

14 Nov, 2011


Or even just press the rose bloom inside a heavy book with blotting paper Tom.

14 Nov, 2011


You are sorry you asked now Tom...Silica crystals and a blast in the microwave dries roses perfectly.

14 Nov, 2011


Thank you Scotkat
Thank you Pimpernel

14 Nov, 2011


Hello Mick1965,

Good one mate if I wanted a further 40 years of perpetual earache . Wish I could have a drink and then I would have taken her out with me

Thanks for the laugh

15 Nov, 2011

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