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what can i grow


By Kevint

United Kingdom Gb

i am moving to a new house soon, the garden is about 300ft long. top 150 is ok but the bottom 150 ish is not the last owners had old car there and we think oil or petrol may have leaked in the ground. is there any plants or tree that i can plant there help the soil, or let go wild if need be

thanks kevin tunnicliffe



The oil spill response companies sometimes treat contaminated ground with a micro-organism that eats the oil and returns the ground to good condition. You could ask a local spill company about this or do a web search and see if you can find anything more.

25 Mar, 2009


Is there anything growing there at the moment? If there are healthy-looking weeds, then that might be a good sign!

25 Mar, 2009


If weeds or grass are growing. Then you could risk Buddleias and perhaps a Golden Poplar, both v ery tough, but colourful. Perhaps a Pampas Grass.

25 Mar, 2009

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