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Does anyone know this plant


By Milky

United Kingdom Gb

It was given to me last year, because it "didnt grow fast enough" The previous owner said she thought it was called Brides bouquet or similar........




It's Exochorda x macrantha 'The Bride'. No, they don't grow very fast and they don't get out of control either! Very pretty white flowers. I love mine!

26 Mar, 2009


Oh thanks for that Spritz.....I cant understand my friend...she keeps buying shrubs because she wants a hedge, but she wants it 6 feet high in its 1st year or its out...Aren't some people strange........

27 Mar, 2009


Well, this one will never make a hedge plant! It is a bit sprawly, (a technical term, lol) but the flowers are PURE white.

Sorry, but your friend needs to learn to be patient, doesn't she!

27 Mar, 2009


Not one of her strong points Spritz

27 Mar, 2009


Oh dear. Her mature shrubs will make her credit card groan, then! Or does she just buy quick growing ones?

27 Mar, 2009


Well so far I have rescued 4, one being a gorgeous Acuba japonica, that is doing well in my garden..........I think she is totally mad....I cant make her understand that they need at least a year to settle roots and start to really grow......Some people Spritz are just not gardeners..........

27 Mar, 2009

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