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By Jenfren

Herefordshire, United Kingdom Gb

when we moved house we took cuttings from a rose we really liked.I dont know what it is as we inherited it in the first place.It is bright orange red ,growing as a bush but i suppose could be a climber as its about 8 foot tall and quite spindley.What i want to know is if the cuttings take would you expect them to be true to the parent plant.Dont know much (anything really) about roses just like this one.Cant put photo,computer skills on a par with roses !



The cuttings will definitely be true to the plant

30 Nov, 2011


if they are taken from an area quite a distance from the root then they will be identical to the parent plant. Most roses are grown on a wild rose root called the rootstock. they often produce shoots what are caled suckers and will flower as a wild flower.
so if your cutting is from the top of the shrub it will be your orange/red rose.

30 Nov, 2011


thanks fingers crossed that they take

30 Nov, 2011


Roses are usually pretty easy from cuttings, Jenfren. One caveat: since these will be on their own roots, rater than on a rootstock, they may be a little less vigorous than the parent plant.

2 Dec, 2011


thanks.They are ouside at the moment in a tub.Should i just leave them or take them in somewere warmer ?

3 Dec, 2011


I'd leave them outside in a fairly sheltered but light position.

3 Dec, 2011



3 Dec, 2011

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