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Do all hawthorn trees fruit?


By Sacaca

United Kingdom Gb

I have planted some young hawthorns which are in leaf. They did not flower. Will they have berries for the birds later in the year or is it only the flowering ones that bear fruit? If so, how do i know what trees to buy?



All hawthorns do eventually flower, the native ones have white flowers, but there are cultivated ones with red or pink flowers. Yours are just too young at the moment. Sadly, no flowers, no berries. Be patient and they will eventually have flowers - and berries!

9 Apr, 2009


oh, and i do think their flowers are the best ever in the garden. Lovely scent.

9 Apr, 2009


Hawthorn is called May because to a large extent that is when it flowers, so you maybe a little early for flowers in any case. As said though, you do not get many flowers on young plants.

10 Apr, 2009

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