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which plants can I put near conifers?

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We have 13 gorgeous conifers about 8 feet high that make a Beautiful hedge but the plants we had near them have died off!! They were planted about 2-3 feet away from the trees and we would like to replace them but don't know what with? They get direct sun from around noon til teatime.



You'll have to give us more information, here, Julie. What size are the conifers and will the new plants be in shade or sun?

12 Apr, 2009


Conifers typically suck a lot of moisture out of the soil. It would have to be plants that don't need a lot of water. Alpine plants like dry condition. If you had some rocks, you could build a rockery and intersperse with alpines and gravel. You could underlay with black membrane which allows water thro' but not light. This will kill any weeds. Remember to cut holes for the plants!

12 Apr, 2009

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