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Any point in planting allium bulbs now?

I found a bag of three allium bulbs in the shed that I forgot to plant out because they were hidden by clutter! Is there any point in planting them now?



If you have the bulbs, and they are not soft and pulpy, then plant them. They won't grow in the shed and they might in the garden.

4 Mar, 2012


Thanks, you are right that they won't grow in the shed. Even if they did, they would be hidden by clutter!

They seem fine, quite firm and just as when I bought them actually. I could put them in the freezer to stimulate them, maybe?

4 Mar, 2012


Nothing ventured, nothing gained, try them? I'm always putting things in at the "wrong time", they may miss a seasons flowering while their biological clock gets back into synch but they should be ok as long as they aren't rotten.

4 Mar, 2012


Don't freeze them, just plant them asap.

4 Mar, 2012


Thanks everyone.

5 Mar, 2012

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