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i have just spent £150 on some roses and thet all appear to be dying, well at least they are not enjoying life. they are planted under a long fence where i planted greens last year.



Oh no thats heartbreaking for you! you haven't had roses there before have you? They don't like being in soil that have had roses in before, you have to remove soil that had roses in and use fresh soil, they might be too near the fence it can be very dry there, have you watered them well? put plenty of manure or compost in the hole when planted then after giving them a good drink then mulch them. I do hope they survive thats a lot of money to lose

18 Apr, 2009


What seems to be happening to them, Dave? A photo would be useful. I'll ask you a few questions to get you thinking about possibile causes.

1. How did you prepare the ground?
2. Have they got enough light?
3. Have you given them plenty of water?
4. Have you checked them to see if they have aphids on them?

18 Apr, 2009


Hi Dave, another couple of questions to add to what the others have asked, did you buy them as bare root roses? and if so have you had any frost since the plants have put on new growth? I put in quite a few bare root roses last year, and just as the buds were starting to put on growth and leaves emerge we got a heavy frost, which made all the new growth distorted and discoloured, curled and brown at the tips, yellow boltches etc.. i actually rang the David Austin web site where i bought them from, and apparently this is quite normal and nothing to worry about with newly planted bare root roses. the expert i spoke to said that because the bare root rose is dormant when put in, and usually when you plant a rose you add lots of organic matter, food etc, they put on new growth far quicker than a rose that has been planted previously, so when the new growth comes through too early it gets bitten by frost and can have these effects. he said nothing to worry about, just cut off damage and prune to nearest out facing bud and will recover be honest i was a bit dubous about what he said because mine did look dead or diesased but i did what he told me and he was right my roses were all lovely last year, and the new growth has come through much slower this year, which is there second year. So have faith Dave all may not be lost, but if as Spritz has said you have more info or a pic we may be able to identify the problem so that you know what is the best course of action to take. Good luck i really hope you are able to save them.

19 Apr, 2009


hi all,
got three replies. i dont know if all three of you will get the same answer or just one of you. bit new to this site. anyway thanks for your concern, help and advice.
i can't send a pic yet as my new phone has still got the better of me!
however, from reading the replies i think the error could be mine. an early morning pitch inspection has revealed that they have perked up a bit, but one of the standards is still a bit iffy. the improvement is due i think to the fact that on friday evening i emptied the contents of my compost bin on them and also we have had some very wet weather so i am coming to the opinion that they needed a good drink and a feed.
off to a garden centre sometime this week to buy some rose fertiliser.
i know it seemed rather a lot of money to spend on roses, but four of them were standards
majeekahead, spritzhenry and sewingkilla thnx. let me know if all three of you got this reply or just one of you. message submitted 11:27

19 Apr, 2009


Hi Dave, you have submitted your answer on the question so it is on the forum - we all got it. :-) only one person gets it if you send a message on a private message (PM), - you do this by clicking on the person you want to send to and the when you get to there home page you click private message and the message will appear only in there inbox, and your sent box in blue not green, no one else will be able to read the blue ones. hope this helps and welcome to GOY by the way, glad you found us, we are a friendly bunch always willing to help, i have made some great friends here, and the information and advice is second to none. Good news about the roses, and not i don't think it's expensive - i love roses spend a fortune on the DA web site last year, but they are very hungry beasts, and watch out for aphids and black spot you can get some good all round sprays to keep them at bay. good luck with them, will be looking forward to seeing the pic's once you work out your new phone.

20 Apr, 2009


Thanks for responding, Dave. Sometimes we try to help someone and get no reply at all! Yes, please try to get a photo or three up! I'd love to see your roses - especially when they flower.

20 Apr, 2009

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