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By Ronald7

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3 years ago we bought a Hydrangea Seemannii from a garden centre they told us we could grow it on a North faceing wall at the bottom of our garden the first year we had flowers on it,but know no flowers and the leaves have started to go brown. there are buds comeing son we have cut all the brown leaves off. Can you tell us whatis wrong and can rectfy it. sorry we have no photo.



Not so sure about it being on a North facing wall, it is from Mexico. The book says it is slow to begin flowering,but as you say it has already flowered. It sounds to me as if it has suffered from either drought or cold. So water it, feed it and keep it warm!

29 Mar, 2012


Last years flowers will be brown? Snip them off ovioding green shoots..........Water well and avoid full sun.

Wet and dull and Hydrangea,s will thrive.

30 Mar, 2012

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