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Is horse manure compost safe for vegetable gardens?



Yes, provided you're sure its not contaminated with aminopyralid, which is a residue from a Dow Chemicals weedkiller. But manure should not be used on ground where you want to grow root crops.

9 Apr, 2012


But how would you know? I just looked it up on Google and was amazed.

9 Apr, 2012


Well you sort of don't know really, Steragram - I wouldn't buy composted horse manure from a stable or similar place, now only buy composted 'animal' manure from the garden centre in the hope its safer...

9 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the info. I am using compost with horse manure that is a couple of years old, and not for root crops - only beans, tomatoes and some herbs.

9 Apr, 2012


Snoop: if it was contaminated with aminopyralid, takes about 3 years to wash out... I think the companies were forced to stop using it about 2 years ago, but I believe they've now reintroduced it, its hard to establish whether that's true or not.

10 Apr, 2012

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