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By Helenp

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We planted a bare root Victoria Plum three years ago. In the first year of planting it was full of blossom which came to nothing. Since then, although it is very healthy, has put on growth and is very leafy there has been no sign of any blossom. We have not pruned it at all.

Is it just a matter of waiting?



I would say so. Our damson behaved in much the same way, but in its third spring it did have flowers though only a few of them set and we finished up with one damson each (there are two of us!) The first spring you have it the flower buds are already formed when you bought it so it does flower. The second year it concentrates on putting roots down. After that you hope for a gradual improvement. Give it some good general fertiliser and better luck next year.

12 Apr, 2012

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