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the leaves on my Skimmia have turned brown and are all dropping. . it is a lovely standard tree and in a pot on my balcony, is there anything i can do and can it survive. . help please !



Mine did that last year - it was caused by the pot getting too wet and the plant drowned. Check the soil and see if it is wet and if so lift out the plant and improve the drainage and add some fresh soil whilst there.

28 Apr, 2012


Kildermorie re my sad Skimmia. . many thanks for your help, i think ur absolutely right and i am going to do as you advise today and hope for a recovery ! thanks again hope you get this reply as ive tied myself in knots with the system ! !

28 Apr, 2012


I do hope that you caught it before it is too late. I did not notice that mine was drowning till it was too late. The snow had shifted the guttering and every time it rained a roof full of rain went into the pot!

28 Apr, 2012

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