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Spotted Laurel - roots everywhere

I recently moved and the front garden was very overgrown. I've cut back the bushes but the ground is very bad and full of small, tangled roots, from, I think two spotted laurel bushes? Is the only answer to remove the laurel bushes and do this by killing the roots? Any advice to a novice most welcome.

On plant Aucuba japonica



Yes, my Aucuba has 'almost' surface roots. I just cut them off if they get in my way when planting. I do dig in plenty of compost to compensate, and so far, so good. I have done this for nearly 4 years and it has survived so far!!! lol. Give it a go - after all, you have two choices - take them out now, or try to live with them and maybe kill them anyway!

23 Apr, 2008


What area are these roots covering? Hopefully you are right and the roots are from the Laurels. From what Spritz has said that sounds fairly easy to deal with but if they cover all of your patch maybe it's one of the perennial weeds.
Let us know and good luck with the new plot

24 Apr, 2008


Spritz, you are quite right - if I uproot the small pesky bits without harming the tree well and good. And Maple, you are quite correct these roots are very small in and I am not really certain they are from the Laurels. Either way I've nothing to lose by removing them and getting them out of the way.

It's good to get a fresh opinion.

24 Apr, 2008

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