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When can i take cuttings from my Streptocarpus plants

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You can do it now. Look for a healthy leaf. The way I do it is to cut both sides of the middle vein, place each cut side down into compost, cover with a clear plastic bag and seal it up. Leave it somewhere warm for about six weeks, when you will see small plantlets forming all along the leaf. If you think it is drying out, spray mist in the bag, be careful not to overwater though.

25 May, 2012


Sorry I thought my first answer hadnt gone through, think I have a jinx on my pc today

25 May, 2012


Can you recomend a good compost for Sstreps

15 Jun, 2012


Streps do like some peat in the compost, but as we are being told not to use peat, I use a multipurpose compost, but one that is fine and doesnt have too much bark in it. I use Erin, but I don't know if it is widely available. If you can get a bag of peat and mix some with multipurpose it would be great, and a bag will last a long time.

15 Jun, 2012


Thank you so much for that information thats great

17 Jun, 2012

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