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balloon flower


By Sarahp

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought a beautiful balloon flower from tesco(of all places!)really pretty delicate flowers,put it in a pot,is it going to be ok



I think your balloon flower is a Platycodon Grandiflorus . Have a look at to find more about it. If its in a good compost mixture and is watered well it should be fine.

4 May, 2009


I grow various types of this, the blue, a pink one a white one and a dwarf form. All are grown outside and seed themselves around. Remember that they are early to bed and late to rise plants. They die down soon after setting seed and do not appear until late in the spring/early summer. Just potted up a couple of dozen seedlings which came up in the path!

5 May, 2009


I have several in the garden but they haven't come up yet.
Yours has obviouly been grown indoors so will have to stay there for now.

5 May, 2009

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