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Please can anyone tell me if this is a weed or a plant to keep?




Looks like willow herb to me in which case I would view it as a weed and remove before it has time to flower. Pretty pink spires that seed everywhere. This looks like the annual form then there is the dreaded rosebay willow herb which is perennial, grows well over a metre in height and seeds madly. Looks wonderful along a country lane but not in a garden.

1 Jun, 2012


Yes, I'm sure you're right. We've only been here two years, and now I remember we had loads of rosebay willow herb in that spot in the garden. We have a lovely garden, but it was very neglected when we arrived, and it's taking us some time to get it in order. Thanks.

1 Jun, 2012


You are welcome... at least it is relatively easy to remove.

1 Jun, 2012


Evil Rosebay lol, it is pretty, gets to a great height and the bees love it, but it does get everywhere x as Mion Grow said it is easy to yank out xx enjoy your garden x

1 Jun, 2012


There is a cultivated variety of Epilobium which is white. which I think is sterile. But I may be wrong on that.

I grew it in my old garden and it survived for some years. A little bit thuggish perhaps, but if you have the space then worth a go.

I remember as a child seeing it everywhere (Rosebay Willowherb, that is), nowadays it seems not to be as common. That is not to say that is a menace though! :)

1 Jun, 2012


I remember seeing the white one on gardeners world a while back now you say that! will have a look for it :) My childhood memories consist of willowherb too, used to catch "pet bees" in our hands from them!! got it wrong once and got stung! ..sorry wandering off on a tangent there!

2 Jun, 2012

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