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I planted some bulbs, they came up very early and flowered and now seem to have died very quickly. Although the stems and flowers are gone (or going) do I pull these up and leave the bulb to re sprout next year or do I leave everything as it is?



I would leave them just as they are, John. When the leaves have gone yellow and mushy try pulling on them gently. If they come away easily then you can remove the leaves - at the moment they are supplying nurishment to the bulbs. Make sure you have marked the spot where the bulbs are!

5 Jun, 2012


Great - thank you, I shall leave for now and make sure I remember where they have been planted for next year!!

5 Jun, 2012


Which bulbs are they, what plant?

6 Jun, 2012


I cant really remember! One sort is the one in my profile picture the others I think are known as Grape plants??They look like little purple bunches of grapes on long stalks. The others are purple flowers with green leaves. The latter have completely gone now so I have pulled the stems out and left the bulbs as they are.
The others are still ok but the coloured flowers have all dropped off...
What do you think?

7 Jun, 2012


Dunno what they might be, just leave them as they are and they will hopefully come up next year. The one in your profile might be Allium aflatuense, but hard to say because I can't see how tall it is.

8 Jun, 2012


They're about 2 ft high but I'll just it all and see how it goes, thanks though. :)

8 Jun, 2012


The bulb in your avatar picture is an allium, 'grape plants' are probably grape hyacinths - look like mini-hyacinths? Just leave them alone and they will come back next year.

9 Jun, 2012



9 Jun, 2012

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