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6th garden wall... What a novice, I deleted my question by mistake but just wanted to say a 'Big thanks' to both responses I am already researching your suggestions!



I am intrigued do you have 6 garden walls?

19 Jun, 2012


Lost in translation...... It was meant to read 6 foot!

19 Jun, 2012


Sorry should have thought lol

19 Jun, 2012


Do you have garden Walls, if so are you troubled by Ivy?the plant variety I mean! Mine is evergreen which has started to starve my garden of sunlight and daylight strangling everything in it's path and I fear one day I will disappear down the garden never to be seen again!

20 Jun, 2012


I am beginning to have trouble with Ivy from the field at the bottom of my garden its climbing the fences and the more I remove the more it grows.

20 Jun, 2012


I read an article some time ago which advised about the dangers of creeping ivy, loosening Walls and causing disease to trees. I also understand more damage can be caused by removing it but i am determined as the hood extends approx 3-4 foot over the wall ( the ivy roots belong to my neighbour) i recall the article mentioned a solution which can be placed at the root which will kill it off? Do you know if I am allowed to kill Ivy! and what this solution might be? Unfortunately, I have misplaced the article.

20 Jun, 2012

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