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This was sold to me last year as Dr. Ruppel - the early flowers were double, or at least had extra petals in the middle - I'm wondering if its Piilu, what do you think?

Clema Clemhome



I KNOW THIS!!!!! Only bc I have the same and the tag is still on! You are right Bamboo, Piilu or Little Duckling :)

9 Jun, 2012


I've added a much earlier pic taken this year - you can just about see the little pink flower in the background, not fully open, but it obviously has double petals. There were 4 or 5 with double petals, followed by the single ones in the first photograph. Is that what your Piilu did, Lilcrawford?

9 Jun, 2012


Don't recall previous years Bamboo, but just went out for a second look and they are all singles. And please, call me Lil :)

9 Jun, 2012


My Piilu starts with a few double flowers and then the remainder are singles Bamboo. It does this every year.

9 Jun, 2012


Then I must have Piilu - its rather pretty actually, loved it with the lilac one, although that's not in flower now. Thanks folks...

9 Jun, 2012


I don't know about you Bamboo, but I have given up on particular named varieties. I have a few Miss Bateman around the garden, I bought another pale one a few years ago, Shirayakihine, that when it goes over looks identical to miss bateman. But Shirayak etc, looks exactly like my Gillian blade. I have decided to go by colour now as opposed to knowing I haven't got that particular named variety. :-)

10 Jun, 2012


I'll put a pic of my little duckling on if you like for comparison?:-)

12 Jun, 2012


Ha! I've put a pic on of Piilu wheter you want to see or not, it's looking lovely :-)

12 Jun, 2012


Off to have a look now, bornagain...
2ndhand - no, I havent' given up on named varieties, except in cheap shops - this one I bought in Wilkinson's, where the plants are not best cared for and may well be wrongly labelled, but it only cost £1.95. If I'd bought this in a garden centre or ordered it online and it was wrong, they'd have got it back with a strong complaint.

13 Jun, 2012

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