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Can anyone tell me the name of this poor thing and how I can bring it back to its former glory?




Well its a palm, but I can't decide what kind of palm - it looks as if it wants to form a trunk, so maybe Cocos nucifera, but I'm not certain. If it is, it requires high humidity and high temperatures, usually grown in glasshouses.

15 Jun, 2012


If i had to put my life on it being anything, i'd probably say it's a ponytail palm or Beaucarnea recurvata (not sure of spelling)

15 Jun, 2012


Your spelling of it is accurate, Andy - if its that, Jacksoncar, then its technically a houseplant here...

15 Jun, 2012


Andy nailed it! It doesn't take much frost, so almost certainly a houseplant in the UK. Indoors, I would give it medium to bright light, possibly including some direct sun, in a warm room. Allow the compost to dry completely between soakings--usually around 4-8 weeks between soakings, depending on local temperature and humidity. Feed it half-strength houseplant food, about every fourth soaking. When it needs to be repotted--usually when the "bulb" at the base is within 4 cm of the pot rim--use a coarse, gritty compost, or a commercial "Cactus Mix", if available. The most common pests are spider mites and mealybugs, though it's not particularly susceptible to either.

15 Jun, 2012

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