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Gerbera Garvinea problems. I bought 4 GGs this year thinking that they might be the perfect plant. Flowers all summer long and hardy, however, they do seem prone to wilting. Originally I thought that this was due to over watering especially with the new European monsoon phenomenon & the garden centre agreed with me, too much water. I planted my GGs in 8" pots in well drained compost with lots of added grit for drainage. They still wilted. The only problem was that they did recover with even more water! These are quite expensive plants. The problem must be that the roots cannot suck up enough water. Has anyone got any similar problems and solutions?



They have shallow feeding roots, so wider pots are best, in the ground is much better as that support them and allows them to soak up water. I put mine in a raised bed and they over wintered fine and have some in flower now waiting for a sunny day. Last year I had them in a wide shallow pot and they were forever wilting.

16 Jun, 2012

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