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What do I do with Spring bulbs?

I had lots of lovely Spring bulbs this year. Now they have all died off and the foliage is brown. What should I do with them? Can I leave them in the same pots and soil, or should I take them all out, dry them off and keep them somewhere dry to plant again in the autumn?



You can do either. If you are leaving them in pots I give them a feed of diluted tomato fertiliser from time to time. I mostly leave mine where they are in pots or in the garden.

18 Jun, 2012


Unless you want the bulbs to be somewhere else next spring I'd leave them alone.

18 Jun, 2012


Hmmm', If they are in pots and you want to keep them in pots, I would be re-potting them now in fresh compost. Keep them dry until September and then give the pots a good soaking, then just moist until they styart to emerge next spring - then water well.

18 Jun, 2012


Thanks very much for all the answers--seems like I can do what I like!!!

18 Jun, 2012

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